About Us

Investifai applies years of financial and machine learning scientific research and highly proprietary artificial intelligence systems to transform the traditional asset management, and construct extremely dynamic and innovative investment portfolios that can maximize wealth growth and minimize downturn losses even during extreme market disruptions.

Investifai is the first AI driven asset management firm that follows an innovative AI powered Core-Satellite investing approach to generate absolute returns. Our visionary approach to investment management allows variable exposure to alpha on a per-investor basis so that investors and financial institutions can tune their desired risk exposure and establish an effective asset allocation strategy.

Our team of scientists are applying the most compelling empirical research, and continuously researching and developing new financial and machine learning models to explore new innovations and continue creating real-world investment management solutions.


Our Highly proprietary deep machine learning systems can identify and quantify smart investment opportunities with no human intervention, and with better outcomes than traditional portfolio balancing approaches.

Further, it utilizes sophisticated machine learning modes and powerful computational capabilities toprocess and monitor huge amount of data; to act in the face of opportunity or crisis quickly and effectively.

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