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Investifai applies the latest advances in artificial intelligence research to build dynamic, responsive investment portfolios.

Our vision is to systematically exploit deep statistical relationships as they emerge and before they are discovered by other investors. If there’s a butterfly effect, we’re connecting the butterfly with the hurricane, and looking to take advantage of the situations that develop along the way.

To stay ahead of the pack our team of scientists continuously research promising developments in machine learning and combine them with the latest empirical findings and techniques in portfolio management and risk management.


Our Highly proprietary deep machine learning systems can identify and quantify smart investment opportunities with no human intervention, and with better outcomes than traditional portfolio balancing approaches.

Further, it utilizes sophisticated machine learning modes and powerful computational capabilities toprocess and monitor huge amount of data; to act in the face of opportunity or crisis quickly and effectively.

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Mr. Obeidat is a global entrepreneur, innovator, and an investor. He has over a decade of experience as a financial markets expert, fintech professional, executive and an outstanding leader. He spent the last 10 years with major financial brokers and gold trading companies, and he was involved in the investment of over $1 billion in the precious metals markets in the EMEA region.

In 2013, he led the development of the first online precious metals investment platform which included platinum and palladium spot deliverable contracts for the first time in the MENA region. Samer holds a master's degree in global management from the Royal Roads University, in Victoria, BC, Canada, where he conducted an intensive empirical research that focused on managing global investment portfolios using machine learning models.

Samer Obeidat, MGM
Founder & CEO 
  • 10+ Years of
    Relevant Experience

  • FINTECH & AI driven
    portfolio Management

  • MASTER of Global
    Managment; Portfolio
    Management using DL

  • OVER $1 BILLION OF Precious
    Metals investments

Dr. Awad received his PhD in Electrical Engineering & Internet of Things (IOT) from the University of Strathclyde in 2013. He has performed various top management roles at Fuel Industries, Next Frontier Digital Investments (NFDI), Ascendancy, and MAS Holding

He has successfully exited multiple high-tech ventures, and has a deep experience in enterprise internet infrastructure and applications in both the MENA region, Canada, and Silicon Valley.

Hazem A. M. Awad, PhD
Co-Founder & CTO
  • 17+ Years of
    Relevant Experience

  • v

  • PhD in Electrical
    Engineering & IoT

  • Multi-million dollar
    enterprise Infrastructure
    & Applications

Dr. van Tol is an experienced investment manager who got his PhD degree in Financial Econometrics at Maastricht University, The Netherlands (2004). After devising new statistics and estimation methods in nonlinear prediction he was headhunted by UBS, the Swiss investment bank, the world’s largest wealth manager at the time. There he joined their hedge fund wing, UBS O’Connor, where, as part of a team, he managed a multi-billion dollar global investment portfolio. In 2009 he moved to Meditor Capital Management, a top European Hedge Fund, where he built, researched and managed an alpha capture hedge fund.


In 2012 he branched out on his own, initially as a quantitative strategy consultant to numerous hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. In 2014 he co-founded Huddlestock Capital, the largest wealth technology company in Norway, with offices in Oslo, London, Munich, Reykjavik and Vilnius. Huddlestock is planning to list on the stock exchange this year.

Dr. Michel Van ToI
  • 15+ Years of
    Hedge Fund Experience

  • 5+ Years of
    WealthTech Experience

  • PHD in Financial

  • Managed $Billion
    +Hedge Funds Together
    with his Teams

Dr. Shapiro is a Canadian entrepreneur with PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2017), and Masters' Degree in Electrical Engineering (2009), both from the University of Ottawa.

He has performed various top management and management consulting roles throughout his career. The focus of Daniel's work has been deep learning AI, including real estate valuation tools, loan assessment tools, trading algorithms, and fraud detection

Daniel Shapiro, PhD
Co-Founder & Head of R&D
  • 14+ Years of
    Relevant Experience

  • 3 Patents and
    21+ publications

  • PhD in Electrical and
    Computer Engineering,
    Deep Learning

  • AI & Machine Learning