A Powerful AI Approach to
Asset Management


The financial markets are constantly in flux, complex dynamics emerge and change shape while feedback loops muddy the waters. Passive investors believe that this all doesn’t matter. As active investors we believe that understanding these interactions gives us an enormous advantage when looking to maximize the performance of a portfolio.

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Investment managers are always looking for exploitable investment opportunities. Often, they will try to position themselves at the head of the queue when important information flows into the market. Or they may have developed their own unique approach that gives them an advantage over others in certain situations.

At Investifai our advantage comes from applying proprietary machine learning techniques to large amounts of relevant data to uncover deep, but important relationships that we can turn into profit.

Investifai also offers custom solutions tailored to the specific
needs of individual clients.
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Investifai’s AI-driven investment management solution can be used by professional portfolio managers, investment advisers, fund managers and other financial institutions.

Investifai’s suite of advanced AI solutions allows clients to enhance and customize key decision points in the investment management process.

Evolve your business to the new era

  • Global Diversification

    Access to 20+ Markets

  • Effective Asset Allocation

    Adaptive to Market Fluctuations

  • Low ETF-Fees

    Liquid, Low cost and high-quality ETFs

  • Effective Risk Management

    Tactical Risk Taking and Avoidance

  • Machine Intelligence Platform

    Advanced Machine Learning models

  • Powerful Alpha Models

    Consistent excess Returns

  • Proven Quantitative Strategies

    Quantitative Scientific Approach

  • Novel Data Resources

    Utilising traditional and non-traditional data sources

“Investifai - Intelligent Growth”

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